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PVC Photographic

Photographic wristbands are truly a high-quality band that offer not only an identification solution, but also high security and style.

Photographic bands are printed with full color topside printing, with impeccable print quality and graphics design. The holographic coating that finishes the wristbands make it "sparkle" and adds an additional anti-counterfeit security feature (will not "sparkle" if photocopied). Underside printing is available in black imprint.

All photographic bands are 100% custom, and can be designed by our graphics team (no additional fee), or we can send the template for you to build on.

The turnaround time for Photographic wristbands is 7-10 business days after all approvals, however rush services are available to decrease turnaround time to 5-7 business days (after approvals).

Additional features available:

Please contact our Online Help Desk at +420 549 213 226 or customer for more information on Photographic wristbands including pricing, and artwork mockup requests.

Photographic  Wristbands

Our photographic wristbands (aka: Photobands) are available in the following styles:

Standard: 1" x 9 ¼" (2,5 x 23,5 cm):

This is our most popular Photographic wristband that offers 6 different size options (2 snaps, 3 holes). Our holographic Ultra-Security label is also available for this wristband - protect your revenue!

Photographic  Wristbands

FOBIX: 1" x 9" + 2" Stub (2,5 x 22,9 cm + útržek 5,1 cm)

This Photoband is available with a detachable stub - great for sponsorships, promotions, future event promotions and bounce-back incentives!

Photographic  Wristbands

Long: 1" x 11" (2,54 x 28 cm):

This wristband offers an additional 2 sizes, to ensure that all of your guests can wear your wristbands. An extra 2" of print space will also significantly increase your advertising space!

Photographic  Wristbands

L-Shape: 1" x 10" (2,5 x 25,4 cm):

Try our NEW L-shape Photoband. Increase your print space by reducing your snaps! This is a great single-use wristband to help identify paid admission, and various groups of people ie. VIP, staff.

Photographic  Wristbands

Slim: ½" x 9 ¼" (1,3 x 23,5 cm):

This wristband is lightweight, and great for events when you want a barely-there wristband option. 100% customizable with underside printing available for added print space. *Note: Ultra-Security label not available on this style.

Photographic  Wristbands

Youth: 1" x 8" (2,5 x 20,3 cm):

This Photographic wristband is great for children’s events, identification, allergy alerts and team events. Don’t forget to advertise your sponsors for every child’s parent to see!

Photographic  Wristbands