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How To Customize

We offer a wide variety of options and customization features for all of our products. Customization can drastically improve the value of your product in special promotions such as fundraising, awareness/prevention campaigns, specific events, or simply to boost brand awareness.

For any questions or additional customization we encourage you to contact us, so we can do our best to accommodate all of your customization needs.

Printable Areas

Our Printable Areas document has been designed to help you determine your printing capabilities and product needs. Underside printing is a great way to add value to your customized product. Weather you are using it for a bounce back type coupon, company information, or simply to offer additional advertising for your website; underside printing is always a good idea.

Colors and Inks

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We are able to imprint in virtually any color in the rainbow. We also offer a special 'Pantone Color® Match' service were as we are able to specifically match any color. This Pantone Matching is great when dealing with specific corporate colors for example.

By applying our Invisible Ink to your band, you can really beef up your level of security at next to no cost.

Logos & Clipart

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Web images, e.g. GIF, JPG, BMP

Photoshop files, e.g. TIF, PSD, PPD

Illustrations (vector), e.g. EPS, AI, CDR


A knockout is the opposite of a stamp. When you press down on a stamp, the raised part of it is left on the page. A standard stamp would leave an imprint such as this.


If the raised part of the stamp were to be the opposite (a knockout) you would get an imprint like this.


Why Use Knockout?

Example: Since we cannot print white ink on Supertek® for small press (orders under 30,000), knockout is the perfect alternative! Hopefully, by you having a better understanding of what a knockout is, you will be better able to achieve the quality level of customization you are looking for.

Sequential Numbering

Sequential numbering is an excellent feature often used for tracking and auditing. Sequential numbering is available on all of our Wristband and Mini Tag products (excluding silicone). When numbering is requested on the band, it is important to know where the numbering should be located.

Band #1 below has horizontal numbering


Band # 2 below has vertical numbering.


If you are using a product with a 'stub' you can also place your numbering directly on the stub as well as the band. This is especially useful for raffles and couponing.